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     Griya Qur’an is a small effort to tread on  propaganda’s  effort to promote the habit of reading and memorization of the Qur’an particularly among mature age, of course, with good reading and correct as from the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad taught, handed down to the Companions and the righteous ones until now.

Memorization of the Qur’an is now no longer the monopoly of students in boarding school alone, but has been packaged for professionals, workers, housewives, students and other circles, with a nice atmosphere and the orderly learning environment.

With the passage of time and with the permission of Allah SWT, from  Delta Tama Complex VII No. 9 Deltasari Baru  then at Surabaya on the street Dinoyo 57, currently Griya Qur’an Alhamdulillah can expand up to Sidoarjo, Madiun, Jakarta, Malang, Medan and Kediri. And we Hope, enthusiasm and determination to continue developing this missionary effort would certainly not be wasted and will be kept as much as possible to embrace the potential of the parties have a common vision and especially in view of the methodology of Da’wah and have the heart to uphold the unity of Islam on earth.


Became the center of Islamic proselytizing in Indonesia and Southeast Asia with a focus on learning the material and the material of the Qur’an which is based on the Islamic Qur’an and Sunnah, and professional-oriented progress.

  1. Conducting education and learning mission of the Qur’an and materials science – the science of Islam by following the rules of the air-Aqeedah Salaf straight and principled on Ahlussunnah Wal Jama’ah.
  2.  Implement all aspects of education and learning by applying modern management oriented, and uses the latest technology advancements.
  3.  Printing quality human resources and highly competent aqidah which has basic character straight, true  worship and have a certain mastery of the righteous on the basis of the Qur’an, science – the science of Islam and science – the science of actual
  4. Being a center of research facilities, research and development of a learning system Qur’an

1. understanding how to reading Quran with good reading, understanding tajwid and makhorijul of words

2. understanding and memorizing the verses of Quran gradually

3. understanding the meaning of verses

4. giving the recitation of Quran to ustadz (teacher)

5. doing muroja’ah (repeating)after praying, while doing the activities and tahajud (praying at night)


1. fill the registration form

2. take the admission test

3. pay the registration cost and monthly cost

4. when learning in Griya Quran, the students must use the moslem clothes

5. the students should follow the rules of Griya Quran


1. pre-tahfidz/ reading Quran with tartil method

2. tahfidz / memorizing Quran

3. special program


Men of the Quran. They are of the household of Allah ta’ala, and are His special ones. (HR. An Nasa’I from Anas Bin Malik)

(Suparno, Manager of Supplies PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali)

Alhamdulillah, my desire in memorizing Quran with tartil method and increasing my Quran recitation was reached by following the class in Griya Quran. I was guided by al hafidz Ustad Mudawi Lc and the others to increase my Quran recitation that was stagnant for more than 30 years. The learning method is very simple and practical. Now, while I am driving my car to my office, I am repeating my Quran recitation.

(Heroe Subijantoro, manager of database and VAS Sales, PT Telkom Malang)

Previously, I thought that memorizing Quran is something difficult. But after I follow the class in Griya Quran, something is impossible becomes so easy. I also find so many benefits from Griya Quran, such as: reading Quran correctly, understanding the meaning of Quran, making discussing with the other students who have different backgrounds. This condition cannot be found in my office. Hopefully, many peoples get the benefit of Griya Quran in learning Quran and applying the values in the daily life. Amin. First time when I was invited to follow in memorizing Quran, I just thought that it was impossible because my reading Quran was bad. I was 36 years old with many activities. But after following the mukhtasor method of Juz amma that was developed by ustad Mudawi Maarif Lc, I memorize the Quran easily. It is simple and easy to be done. (Riza Arkari, Supervisor Internal Control PT HMS)

(Dewi Kartikasari, a housewife)

I get so many benefits when I begin to memorize Quran until now. I learn to read Quran in good reading and try to understand the meaning of every verse. The most important, I can expand my islamic knowledge especially from Quran  when I am following the class. So, I can do my life appropriate to Quran and hadits Rasulallah, Insya Allah.

(Mesran, a driver of school transportation at SD Al Falah Tropodo)

I get so many blessing after memorizing Quran. My life is so restful. I can remember Allah easily and keep me far away from vice. And Now, I do not like to sneer others. While I am waiting the students of Al Falah finish their class, I try to memorize Quran.

Branch Office

Branch Dinoyo Surabaya
Jl. Dinoyo 57 Surabaya
(031) 5676582

Branch Madiun
Jl. Kalimantan 18, Kartoharjo, KecKartoharjoKabMadiun
(0351) 456215

Branch  Malang
Jl. MayjendPanjahitanRuko No. 169

Branch Puri Indah Sidoarjo
PerumPuri Indah CemengKalangRuko No. 06 Sidoarjo
(031) 81887199

Branch Jakarta
Gedung GRAHA PRAWIRA, Jl. MampangPrapatan Raya No.18
TegalParang, MampangPrapatan, Jakarta Selatan 12790
(021) 79170478

Branch  Medan
KomplekTasbih 2 Blok 2 No 87 Medan



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